Your small business doesn’t need a website. Here’s why.

I make my living building small business websites, so you might think I should be biased in favour of every business needing a website.  Actually, I think all small businesses should have a website, but I can’t truthfully say that they all need them.

If you have a small business that falls into any of the following categories then I can understand if you don’t feel you need to invest in website design. You’re probably right.

Do You Have A Sneaking Suspicion That Your Website Just Isn't Quite Good Enough?

Perhaps it hasn't been shown any love in a while. Or perhaps you've actually shown your website a lot of love thank you very much, but you think it could be a lot better if only you knew how to fix it.

But it's all a bit hard, and you have plenty of other things fighting for your attention, so smartening up your website stays at the bottom of your to-do list.

Well you are not alone.

Got annoying clients? Stop rolling your eyes and start learning from them.

I got an email on Monday afternoon from a client, forwarding on a complaint from one of their customers that they couldn’t sign up for a newsletter on my client's website.

The original email was certainly to the point: “I can't register for the newsletter on the website. The link doesn’t work. Can't find it if I do a search for it on the site either.”

Don't make this mistake when you are writing to attract sales.

I received an unsolicited letter in the mail a little while ago, from the local office of an international real estate company.

The only reason I read through the entire letter - and believe me, it took real effort to persist to the end - is because I'm a marketer and it's an ingrained habit to analyse marketing material from other businesses to see what I can learn.